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Matevulu Sands Estate is a Master Planned Estate on Espiritu Santo Island in the beautiful South Pacific Country of Vanuatu.

Matevulu Sands is designed to take advantage of its unique geographic location with carefully crafted connection between the private homes and the public spaces that include white sandy beaches and the breathtaking scenery of the Blue Holes.

Matevulu Sands is where the discerning buyer today and in the future will move to on Espirtu Santo.

Matevulu Sands Estate will offer an unrepeatable lifestyle opportunity. From magnificent views across the turquoise water in a secluded and protected bay to the islands in the distance, to its central location on the Champagne Highway being no more than a 20-minute drive to Luganville and the Airport.

There will be a home and a lifestyle available to suit everybody. The living options will be diverse, with blocks of land in a range of sizes from 1,800 to 6,271 sqm, to house and land packages and a commercial precinct, all delivered by a trusted Australian local builder.

The facilities within Matevulu Sands Estate will be second to none. A magnificent nature corridor cantered along the main beach line will be the jewel in Matevulu Sands Estates commitment to balancing the natural and human habitats. Almost 150 meters of Common Waterfront area with a 50-meter jetty for the community to use linking open space and waterfront activities. Families and friends can connect with each other and enjoy BBQ’s, picnics and recreational activities. Water will be featured within the community given its relevance to Vanuatu and its tropical climate.

The Commercial Centre will be home to all you could want in terms of day to day needs, Local market shopping, cafes and restaurants. The convenient daily services you need will be close at hand within the heart of the Matevulu Sands Estate community.

To get to this amazing place it is only a short 2 hours 40 minutes direct flight from Brisbane, Air Vanuatu is also flying from Sydney and Melbourne.

The Estates construction is nearing completion with expressions of interest high for all waterfront blocks.

Please call Andrew Dykes 0419 710 577 for more information. 

1 $190,000 2498
2 $379,000 2836
3 $369,000 2765
4 $359,000 2175
5 $345,000 1710
7 $379,000 2394
8 $379,000 – EOI 2077
9 $379,000 2483
10 $379,000 – Contract Sent 2684
11 $379,000 2795
12 $379,000 2558
13 $379,000 2339
14 $379,000 2519
15 $379,000 2662
16 $379,000 – Contract Sent 2834
17 $379,000 – Contract Sent 4510
18 $175,000 2607
19 $250,000 5953
20 $250,000 6271
21 $250,000 4434
22 $250,000 3640
23 $290,000 – EOI 5493
EOI – Expression of Interest


Close By are activities that will open your eyes and hearts for days.

Riri Blue Hole. Located within 3 minutes drive of the site.

Fresh Water Blue Holes

Matevulu and Riri Blue holes are a must for all visitors to Espirtu Santo! Surrounded by lush tropical forest, due to the lime in soil this natural fresh water springs give off an illuminating blue colour, hence the name! Also dotted around the island, these blue holes are refreshing to swim in perfect for washing off the salt after a day at the beach!

One of the best Blue Holes on the Island Riri Blue Hole is the ideal way to end a hot tropical day. Swing from a rope in the trees and take a plunge into clear blue fresh spring water!


When it’s time to cool off, join the locals for a snorkel at one of Espiritu Santo’s stunning reefs or islands, where the crystal-clear ocean waters right at your door step allows you to the wonders of the underwater inhabitants. Or pack a picnic and head to one of the three islands off the coast within a short boat ride or canoe, with there long stretch of white sand. It’s an idyllic spot to swim or just relax beneath a tree. Matevulu is now a popular snorkeling attraction with a great combination of white sandy beaches and healthy marine life, thanks to the fishing ban by the villagers.

The best water-based activities in Espiritu Santo

If you’re not a scuba diver, don’t skip this number one activity just yet. Even beginners can enjoy scuba diving the SS Coolidge in Espiritu Santo! Scuba diving in Vanuatu is rated in the top 10 dive spots in the world and the underwater world around Espiritu Santo is fascinating. You get to see splendid corals around the smaller islands, shipwrecks like the world famous SS Coolidge and war relics at Million Dollar Point.

If you are not certified or not confident, you could get a first experience or a refresher at one of the dive centres in Luganville. And then, why not go all the way to the deep dive certification so you can explore further down?

Scuba divers who can go to 30 or 40 metres deep will have one of their best experiences at the SS Coolidge. Make sure you plan a night dive

Explore untouched nature on a kayak

Kayaking is perfect to find secluded and untouched spots. You can hire kayaks from many resorts and beaches on the main island such as, Turtle Bay, Bay of Islands, and Matevulu Blue Hole. The offshore islands, Malwepe, Danny and Molono Islands also offer good kayaking opportunities.

Enjoy your experience kayaking from Matevulu Blue Hole to the Bay of Islands where you can find a deserted beach on an untouched island to stop and have your picnic lunch.

If you don’t feel like making efforts, you can get a local young man to paddle for you as you go up the transparent Riri River to the stunning Riri Blue Hole. Visiting the holes is a must-do in Espiritu Santo.

Sip kava with the chief at a Cultural Village

If you’re not on a tight schedule, spending the better part of a day at the Custom & Cultural Village is a great way to experience some of Vanuatu’s oldest customs and traditions.

Tribal greetings, custom song and dance are all part of the experience, as well as demonstrations in basket weaving, traditional food and kava making.

For first timers though, beware Vanuatu kava is the strongest in the South Pacific so do pace yourself.

Trek through Millennium Cave

For those who aren’t afraid of a bit of rough and tumble, tours through Vanuatu’s largest cave reward trekkers with some spectacular sights.

Equipped with at least a medium level of fitness, the experience takes you through tropical forest, scrambling over rocks and boulders, and through Millennium Cave itself which is home to bats and towering rock faces sculptured by the river over time.

There’s also opportunity to swim in waterfalls and take time out for a picnic amid the tropical setting.

Beach hop around the Santo

Many say the best beaches in Vanuatu are found on Espiritu Santo…and we’re inclined to agree.

Soft white sand and Bombay Sapphire blue waters seem to be the norm around this neck or the woods, but there are a few star performers that deserve special mention.

Matevulu Harbour and Champagne Beach for instance is the stuff of tropical holiday dreams; a horseshoe of palm-fringed white sand that is so fine that when it meets the crystal blue water it could be mistaken for milk.

It’s the kind of setting that could challenge some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, and more often than not, you’ll have it all to yourself. Unless a cruise ship has docked.

And although not strictly on Santo, it’s worth the 10-minute boat ride across to Aore Beach which is a snorkeler’s delight.

Million Dollar Point

When the United States military abandoned the Vanuatuan island of Espiritu Santo after occupying it as a base during World War II, it left behind infrastructure works such as roads, buildings and runways. But its oddest legacy might be the millions of dollars of goods it dumped into the ocean — just so the French and British couldn’t have them.

Today, off the shore of what’s been dubbed “Million Dollar Point” in the Pacific Ocean, snorkelers and scuba divers encounter a surprising sight: a fortune’s worth of military tanks, guns and jeeps resting beneath the waves.
Espiritu Santo, an island in the Vanuatu archipelago, was established as a military supply base, naval harbor and airfield after the attack on Pearl Harbor, when the U.S. used it as the launch site for its attack on the Japanese in the Pacific. At the time, parts of Vanuatu were still under British and French colonization.

When America left the military base after the war, the remaining goods — everything from weaponry to bottles of Coca-Cola — were offered to the French and British at a very low price, 6 cents to the dollar. However, the colonizers were going on the assumption that should they refuse to buy the items, the U.S. military would be forced to simply leave them behind for free.

The Americans were having none of this. To spite the British and French, the military made the rash decision to drive all of the vehicles, food, clothing, drinks and other equipment to a wharf on the southern coast of the island. The army then drove all of the vehicles into the sea, used bulldozers to dump the rest of the supplies over the wharf, before also driving the bulldozers into the sea, ensuring that the European countries would not be able to get their hands on the items at all, free or otherwise.

Millions of dollars’ worth of goods was completely destroyed over the period of those two days, rendered unusable at the bottom of the ocean. As a result of the dumping, the waters were contaminated with fuel, rubber, metal and other waste, leaving the local Vanuatuan’s shocked at the carnage, though they salvaged what they could once the Americans had finally departed.

Today, you can make your way to Million Dollar Point and take a snorkel or scuba dive through the wreckage, should you desire to swim through this odd memorial to political spite.



All information contained herein has been supplied to us or has been gathered together from sources we consider to be reliable. Whilst every care has been taken in obtaining and gathering the information, we give no warranty or guarantee to the accuracy of this information. We encourage all interested parties that they should rely on their own investigations and research directly information in relation to this property. All distances and drive times are as per google maps.


Water frontage Water access Beach frontage Ocean views Close to beach Level Block
Address Lots 1 To 23 Matevulu Sands, Matevulu
Price Price Range $175,000 to $379,000
Property Type Residential
Property ID 64
Category Vacant Land
Land Area 1,710 m2

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